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Providing real-time visibility into high-volume logistics operations for improved maintenance, diagnostics, and workflow optimization

Siena Analytics aggregates all relevant data and images – regardless of equipment vendor – from logistics automation equipment


Here are just a few areas where logistics organizations are leveraging Siena Analytics.

Vendor compliance

Capturing label images and data and sharing with vendors to ensure adherence to standards that allow automation equipment to function efficiently

Order fulfillment QA

Capturing images of contents and packaged shipments to detect and resolve delivery issues speedily and to uncover root causes of recurrent problems

Camera and laser tunnel health monitoring

Capturing data to better trigger maintenance and isolate root-causes faster. Improves system uptime and vendor relations

Planning statistics

Providing workflow planners with accurate and current data on package size and label integrity

Ad hoc queries

Our storage design simplifies pulling the data and images needed for inquiries beyond those anticipated in default dashboards

Pushing the logistics analytics frontier

Siena Analytics’ team of data scientists and logistics experts continue to innovate new solutions for our clients. Please contact us to discuss your challenges or for more information.

Siena Analytics has deep roots in high-volume multi-vendor logistics operations

Logistical complexity is exploding as multi-channel sales and global supply chains drive increased use of automation and technology. Data and images are captured by logistics automation equipment at blinding speeds and in overwhelming volumes.

But the inability to get the right information at the right time to the right people has frustrated many high-volume logistics operations.

Siena Analytics provides these logistics operations and their integrators with a robust, cost-effective analytics solution focused on logistics automation systems.

Solution attribute


Comprehensive data and image aggregation To answer the full range of potential questions about packages and logistics automation equipment
Vendor Agnostic To facilitate faster diagnosis and coordination in multi-vendor environments
Storage-efficient For fast response time and long-term data retention supporting trend analysis
Scalable Proven to handle volumes of one of the world’s largest logistical operations
Extensible Utilizing an industry-leading NoSQL core, it’s easy to add new data sources and types
Easily customized dashboards To streamline the process for providing new reports
Meeting enterprise IT standards Easily ties into enterprise security infrastructure, conforms to IT security and network standards



Siena Analytics helps Integrators detect and resolve issues faster

Integrators sit on the hot seat when issues arise.

Siena Analytics provides integrators with the visibility they need to pinpoint the problem and negotiate a quick, effective response from the relevant vendors.

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