heroJanuary 11, 2022

Siena Newsroom

Intel + Siena Analytics

Siena Analytics has partnered with Intel to run its Learning Insights Edge AI on Intel’s Distribution of OpenVino Toolkit.

By Siena Analytics

Siena Analytics works with some of the largest retail and parcel shipping organizations that have a variety of Edge AI applications to provide immediate insights into vendor compliance, QA, and problem packages. Our end-to-end, no-code Edge AI applications are customized for customers’ business logic and deployment needs. Intel’s distribution of the OpenVino toolkit enables us to optimize our models for rapid inferencing at the edge so our customers can automate quality control and monetize supply chain innovation faster.

Learning Insights Edge AI models are now optimized to run on the OpenVino toolkit that can be trained and deployed at scale to various Intel-based edge compute solutions within the supply chain operational environment. 

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