Supply chain AI and image recognition for high-volume logistics

Keep your omnichannel supply chain moving. See every package and sort nonstop. Ship faster and cut handling costs.

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Check vendor compliance

Automatically flag problematic packaging, share images with suppliers to meet your guidelines


scan events per day


AI inferences

Monitor equipment health

IIoT remote diagnostics for predictive maintenance

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Automate sorting and exception handling

AI investigates mislabeled boxes, freeing line work for shipping

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Empower quality assurance teams

A searchable database of all package images across your supply chain

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Optimize warehouse and truckload capacity

Compare dimension measurements against vendor manifests, ship for true box sizes

Keep packages moving

AI tools for a fast, flexible omnichannel supply chain — share data upstream and downstream

Siena Analytics — your digital transformation partner for retail, shipping and logistics

Turn on end-to-end Package Intelligence for your entire distribution lifecycle, from before boxes arrive at your sorting facilities to the customer’s home.

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