Supply chain solutions for omnichannel distribution

Remove bottlenecks made by problem packages

Reduce downtime on sorting equipment

Minimize touchpoints in transit

Go from troubleshooting to predictive maintenance

Visibility answers questions before they’re asked

Labels damaged in transit?

Not enough spacing on the conveyor?

Camera lens dirty?

Vendor label printed blurry?

Automate diagnostics with Package Intelligence

Automate diagnostics with Package Intelligence

Scanning tunnels are the heart of your high-volume logistics operation — and they can’t miss a beat. Each component has a different maintenance provider. Sorting relies on vendors to label packages properly. Stop guesswork and delays.

  • Monitor issues in real-time, empowering your maintenance, engineering, QA and operations teams with analytics at the point of image capture
  • Break down silos by sharing images upstream and downstream
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More Efficient QA Teams

  • Detect labeling and packaging issues
  • Automate quality control
  • Divert fewer packages to hospital

Even at 1%, exception handling can grind your shipments to a halt. Siena Insights applies image recognition and deep learning to keep things moving.

Siena Insights enables


Share aggregated dimension data with DC engineers and shelving teams


Use AI to search across sites and locate packages — even with no ship label


Add sorting capacity without adding new equipment or facilities


Avoid delays, catch torn or crushed packaging and help vendors minimize damage


Analyze equipment performance trends for planning capital projects

The cognitive supply chain never stops

Eliminate guesswork inside the distribution center

Vendor compliance

Sorting and shipping grind to a crawl when boxes are labeled incorrectly or poorly packaged. Siena Insights gives you Package Intelligence to work with vendors and standardize how they ship.

  • Share tunnel images with vendors, showing how to label and pack so your automated equipment functions efficiently
  • Identify which vendors are causing the biggest problems
  • Apply deep learning to automate escalation procedures for problem packages
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DC maintenance

Waiting for scanning equipment to get back up costs time and money. Siena Insights uses AI at the edge to isolate root causes for poor equipment performance.

  • Replay the sequence of events at the sorting station — sensor by sensor
  • Enable automated equipment monitoring and track logic-based activity thresholds
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Scale resources on demand

Flexible infrastructure | Dynamic application | Efficient management

A true no-code solution for intelligent logistics

Faster monetization of innovations

Provisions new resources quickly at lower cost

Fully conforms to security and network standards

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