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Working With Siena

With our hands-on customization and no-code, plug-and-play system, your cognitive supply chain is ready to run

Running on Siena Insights nationally:


sortation tunnels



How can Package Intelligence streamline your supply chain and accelerate digital transformation?

Pilot Siena Insights on one of your sortation tunnels today


A systematic review of your current systems and recommendations for software solutions that meet your needs


Siena’s team can remotely monitor equipment health for you—notifying your on-site team when an issue is detected so you can fix it before it creates a bottleneck


Our staff can customize your Siena Insights solution to any equipment and configuration in your DC

Operating at peak efficiency with Siena

High-volume retailers ship faster and cut supply chain costs

Shipping, logistics, and parcel companies avoid downtime and improve traceability

System integrators exceed expectations during install and configuration

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Easy enterprise integration

Vendor agnostic

Scan images and capture data from multiple sensors: weigh stations, dimensioning systems, laser readers, etc.—regardless of manufacturer.

Storage efficient

Don’t let raw-image capture gobble up storage. Our software recognizes areas of interest and stores them at the optimal resolution.


Capture, analyze and store package data at the edge. With available on-premises installation, our systems undergo rigorous examination.

Locally accessible

On- and off-site integration. Siena Insights is installed on a local CPU right at your scanning tunnels.


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The genius of Siena is that they can be a massive data aggregator of not just packages, but also the health of all your sorting equipment upstream and downstream.

Gene Sanders, President, VirTeca, LLC

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